Monday, March 21

Sowing Good Seeds

Oh, how I love Super Hunk...let me count the ways. He truly is the handiest man I know and can conquer any project with ease. I'm not sure how he does it but I constantly marvel at his mad skills (and his super hunky biceps).
Another thing I adore about him is he keeps things forever. I mean, FOR-EVER.
Tools remain in their original cases. Ladders, spotted with paint, still stand proudly. Paintbrushes are a reminder of the many houses he's purchased sad and sold happy. Things are impeccable because when you take pride in your possessions, they remain. In many cases, FOR-EVER!
His beloved wheelbarrow is a perfect example. A DECADE and countless tasks later, it finally caved under the weight of an everyday chore and reluctantly conceded.
With a significant crack in the bucket and little TLC, Old Faithful remains...slightly worse for wear, a bit fatigued, and doubling as a little boy's light load hauler. Life is good!
Knowing Dad's soft spot for his old pal, Little Man suggested we paint it to add a little cheer and here's the result. (He also insisted "Dad will love this!" He was right!)
Our upcoming summer trip inspired this beach scene. Can you see it? Channel your inner little person...or just squint.
How about now?
Enough said!

Little Man was extremely proud of the wheels, they rival Picasso.  

The first thing he said when I asked what we should paint was "a truck". Hand to the forehead moment. This was my attempt at bringing his request to life. Do you see it? Resume squinting.

This wheelbarrow has been guided by two very important guys in my life. One that makes my heart beat faster, makes my world significantly more beautiful, and makes me thankful to be chosen. The other makes birds chirp a little louder, flowers smell a little sweeter, and hugs last a little longer.

They are continually sowing good seeds in my life. 

Now we have a FOR-EVER colorful reminder. Its next chapter will be light duties and a bucket full of cars, balls and the occasional reluctant K-9.

So long...until we graffiti again!

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