Thursday, March 10

Ranch Kid Counting Printable

A is for Apple.

B is for Boat.

C is for Cat.

Since the beginning of time, this is how children have learned their ABC's.

Until now.

Until my son.

Children learn by doing, correct? Around our house,  A is for Auger, B is for Barn, C is for Cow, D is for Dirt, E is for Eating dirt, F is for Feedyard full of get my drift.

Then, we count...
(1) trailer, (2) trailers, (3) trailers, (4).

To make Little Man's learning a bit more relatable, I created these Counting Clip Cards.

A big "WOO HOO" from ranch kids everywhere!

Little Man was quiet for a solid forty-five minutes...a beautiful, wonderful, blissful forty-five minutes! Success!

I hope your squirt enjoys them as much. Stay tuned for the Agriculture ABC's flashcards.

For your free printable, click here. (Right click and select Print.)

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