Wednesday, November 25

Our Crazy Turkey Craft!

Are you familiar with the blog, Made From Pinterest?

It's one of my guilty pleasures for a couple of reasons.

#1: The writers are a group of sisters and they're oh-so-much-fun! I love fun!

#2: I've spent hours searching the time-sucking vortex that we know as "Pinterest", only to find a recipe that looks amazing but ends up tasting like bourbon-soaked shoe leather. These lovely ladies save me the headache by reviewing things they've actually tried...successes and failures.

Here's my version of Made From Pinterest, crazy-turkey-craft-style.

I made a big batch of Nutella Pumpkin Yummies to deliver to Super Hunk's office today. Little Man wanted to make a little something to take along for everyone and I remembered seeing a paper plate turkey craft on Pinterest (via Facebook).

Even though our turkeys turned out nothing like the original, fun was had by all! Here's how our crazy-turkey-creating went down...

1. We started by coloring the paper plates with brown crayon.
  2. I drew feathers and Little Man colored them as well, using various markers.
3. Once the feathers were colored, I cut them out while Little Man cheered me on with a "Good job, girl!" Next, he applied generous amounts of glue stick to the top of the paper plate (back side).
4. Then he glued the feathers, in no particular order (which gave my control freak self a twitch but I took a deep breathe and counted to day at a time).
5. Once the feathers dried, we applied the google eyes, beak, and snood. (He selected the monster google eyes left over from Halloween...poor, crazy turkey!)
6. Finally, I formed legs and feet with colorful pipe cleaners and attached them to the bottom of the paper plate with hot glue (back side).
Taaaaddddaaaaaa, with a little "Gobble, Gobble" our crazy turkeys were all new meaning to the term "looney bird"!
A perfect project for a perfectly looney household!
Happy Thanksgiving, from our kooky flock to yours!

Tuesday, November 24

Life is Loud!

With over a week since my last post, I sit here...

Fingers draped over the keyboard...

Staring out the window...

Finally experiencing this infamous thing called "writer's block".

It's strange.

In part, because life has been so crazy, I should have so many things to tell you. After all, blogging is intended to be a platform for sharing the ins and outs of everyday life. Right?

Where are you, ins and outs? Did you run away with my size 4 jeans?

But also...because I'm rarely speechless...or typeless. Many can attest to this fact.

I suppose it's a good opportunity to use this as a life lesson.

(Reflection moment ALERT!)

Life is sometimes LOUD.

The deafening volume of activities from a crowded calendar can leave our minds depleted. Our souls weary. Our creativity crippled.

If we're not careful, "empty" can be all we're left with.

This is why (with an always joyful heart...even when it's tired), I'm thankful for this week and all it represents.

Christmas decorating...Black Friday...Cyber's all noise compared to the immensity of Thanksgiving. A moment, in a world that's constantly moving, to be still...thankful.

No matter if this holiday for you is family pandemonium or blissful solitude, take a moment to quiet the noise. Reflect on each individual note that makes up your life's symphony and be thankful for the people with you, making sweet music out of life's racket.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends.

Take that...writer's block! BAM!

Friday, November 13

Foodie Friday ~ Catered!

Cater: (verb) - to provide, help.

By the general definition above, I would say "catering" is a huge part of my day-to-day life.

By the culinary interpretation, I would say "catering" is as familiar to me as straddling a camel saddle while on a trek through the Sahara.

Yep, pretty foreign...and I'm guessing, pretty uncomfortable.

However, when Fancy Nancy requested my services for a recent dinner party she was hosting, I instantly agreed.

Hey, crazy...where's your meds?!

Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back, a few problems with my snap decision...

1) I've never catered an event in my life...not intentionally, anyway.

2) I really shouldn't wear my cape that tight, it decreases the amount of oxygen to my brain. Noted.

Being a girl of my word (regardless of my insecurities about poisoning perfect strangers), I drafted a menu (which Fancy Nancy enthusiastically approved) and got to work.

Here are a few stars of the show...endorsed by sixteen hungry party guests (two lovely hosts and one unlikely caterer)!

~ Southwest Shrimp Skewers - southwest marinated shrimp, skewered with flour tortilla strips and pepper jack cheese squares.

~ Caprese Salad Skewers - cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and rolled prosciutto with fresh basil leaves.
~ Taquito Dippers - Guacamole with taquito halves.
~ Spaghetti & Meatball Skewers - Meatballs skewered and wrapped with angel hair pasta, topped with black olives and placed in cups with marinara sauce. (Don't let their charm fool ya, these are pretty labor intensive!)

~ Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake Bites - Various types of cheesecake, sliced into squares, drizzled with white chocolate and topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolate (with a little extra drizzle).

 ~ Vanilla Mouse Cups - Vanilla Mouse in chocolate cups, adored with white and milk chocolate flower. (You can order the cups and various adornments here.)

Looking back, we had a wonderful time...everyone survived (every.single.guest)...and I have a few new yummy favorites for my holiday festivities.

Thank you, Fancy Nancy, for allowing me to be part of your evening (and for all your help and encouragement)! xoxo

 Until next time, when I sprint outside of my comfort zone...CHEERS!

Monday, November 2

Making A Room Lovely With Simple Stripes

"I've never painted stripes on a wall in my life."

Those were the words uttered by Super Hunk in Phase Three: Master Bedroom Remodel a few short weeks ago.

I was genuinely surprised for two reasons...1) After seven years of marriage, we're still having "firsts". 2) He's been remodeling houses since his teen years and NEVER thought to include a sophisticated stripe?

I arrived just in time!

Let me take you to the beginning. Fancy Nancy (S&S Guest Contributor) always says to find an inspiration piece. Something you're drawn to that you can build the room around.

With a cherished painting (as seen in photos) and an image of my "ideal room", inspiration was the theme of the day!

My goal was clean lines and an uncluttered feel, while including Super Hunk's love of earth tones.

Stripes seemed like the perfect accent. What do you think?

Here's a quick how-to on adding a little pattern to your paradise. (Cameo appearance by Super Hunk himself!)
Measure your space from ceiling to floor, deciding how wide you want your stripes. Mark top and bottom of each stripe with a pencil and use a level to trace lines horizontally (making sure they're straight, I missed that day in Kindergarten so the level was a MUST).
Tape each stripe with painter's tape.
Run a small amount of caulk along the edge of the tape (inside of stripe) and smooth with your finger. (Oh how I love those super hunky hands!) This will keep the paint from bleeding underneath the tape.
Paint the stripes your desired color. I used one shade lighter on the paint swatch than the color already on the wall for a subtle effect which means I needed two coats since my darker color was on the bottom.
After necessary coats to completely cover, remove the tape. The paint will still be wet but you don't want the caulk to dry or it will peel and those pretty lines you wanted...well, fiddle sticks!
Allow paint to dry, add your d├ęcor and VOILA...perfection!
Accent walls don't have to be loud, subtle sophistication is sometimes a lovely option!

That's it, easy breezy...I'm off to curl up in my chair (not pictured), enjoy my new tranquil space, and read my book (until Little Man finds me...ha).

Thank you, Fancy Nancy, for your much appreciated help and inspiration.