Monday, November 2

Making A Room Lovely With Simple Stripes

"I've never painted stripes on a wall in my life."

Those were the words uttered by Super Hunk in Phase Three: Master Bedroom Remodel a few short weeks ago.

I was genuinely surprised for two reasons...1) After seven years of marriage, we're still having "firsts". 2) He's been remodeling houses since his teen years and NEVER thought to include a sophisticated stripe?

I arrived just in time!

Let me take you to the beginning. Fancy Nancy (S&S Guest Contributor) always says to find an inspiration piece. Something you're drawn to that you can build the room around.

With a cherished painting (as seen in photos) and an image of my "ideal room", inspiration was the theme of the day!

My goal was clean lines and an uncluttered feel, while including Super Hunk's love of earth tones.

Stripes seemed like the perfect accent. What do you think?

Here's a quick how-to on adding a little pattern to your paradise. (Cameo appearance by Super Hunk himself!)
Measure your space from ceiling to floor, deciding how wide you want your stripes. Mark top and bottom of each stripe with a pencil and use a level to trace lines horizontally (making sure they're straight, I missed that day in Kindergarten so the level was a MUST).
Tape each stripe with painter's tape.
Run a small amount of caulk along the edge of the tape (inside of stripe) and smooth with your finger. (Oh how I love those super hunky hands!) This will keep the paint from bleeding underneath the tape.
Paint the stripes your desired color. I used one shade lighter on the paint swatch than the color already on the wall for a subtle effect which means I needed two coats since my darker color was on the bottom.
After necessary coats to completely cover, remove the tape. The paint will still be wet but you don't want the caulk to dry or it will peel and those pretty lines you wanted...well, fiddle sticks!
Allow paint to dry, add your d├ęcor and VOILA...perfection!
Accent walls don't have to be loud, subtle sophistication is sometimes a lovely option!

That's it, easy breezy...I'm off to curl up in my chair (not pictured), enjoy my new tranquil space, and read my book (until Little Man finds me...ha).

Thank you, Fancy Nancy, for your much appreciated help and inspiration.

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