Tuesday, November 24

Life is Loud!

With over a week since my last post, I sit here...

Fingers draped over the keyboard...

Staring out the window...

Finally experiencing this infamous thing called "writer's block".

It's strange.

In part, because life has been so crazy, I should have so many things to tell you. After all, blogging is intended to be a platform for sharing the ins and outs of everyday life. Right?

Where are you, ins and outs? Did you run away with my size 4 jeans?

But also...because I'm rarely speechless...or typeless. Many can attest to this fact.

I suppose it's a good opportunity to use this as a life lesson.

(Reflection moment ALERT!)

Life is sometimes LOUD.

The deafening volume of activities from a crowded calendar can leave our minds depleted. Our souls weary. Our creativity crippled.

If we're not careful, "empty" can be all we're left with.

This is why (with an always joyful heart...even when it's tired), I'm thankful for this week and all it represents.

Christmas decorating...Black Friday...Cyber Monday...it's all noise compared to the immensity of Thanksgiving. A moment, in a world that's constantly moving, to be still...thankful.

No matter if this holiday for you is family pandemonium or blissful solitude, take a moment to quiet the noise. Reflect on each individual note that makes up your life's symphony and be thankful for the people with you, making sweet music out of life's racket.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends.

Take that...writer's block! BAM!


  1. You hit the nail on the head my friend, sometimes the words simply don't come. You've either used them or your says, I need a moment. I agree the noise of the world can be overpowering. I look forward to the quiet of Christmas decorating this week and time with friends.


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