Wednesday, November 25

Our Crazy Turkey Craft!

Are you familiar with the blog, Made From Pinterest?

It's one of my guilty pleasures for a couple of reasons.

#1: The writers are a group of sisters and they're oh-so-much-fun! I love fun!

#2: I've spent hours searching the time-sucking vortex that we know as "Pinterest", only to find a recipe that looks amazing but ends up tasting like bourbon-soaked shoe leather. These lovely ladies save me the headache by reviewing things they've actually tried...successes and failures.

Here's my version of Made From Pinterest, crazy-turkey-craft-style.

I made a big batch of Nutella Pumpkin Yummies to deliver to Super Hunk's office today. Little Man wanted to make a little something to take along for everyone and I remembered seeing a paper plate turkey craft on Pinterest (via Facebook).

Even though our turkeys turned out nothing like the original, fun was had by all! Here's how our crazy-turkey-creating went down...

1. We started by coloring the paper plates with brown crayon.
  2. I drew feathers and Little Man colored them as well, using various markers.
3. Once the feathers were colored, I cut them out while Little Man cheered me on with a "Good job, girl!" Next, he applied generous amounts of glue stick to the top of the paper plate (back side).
4. Then he glued the feathers, in no particular order (which gave my control freak self a twitch but I took a deep breathe and counted to day at a time).
5. Once the feathers dried, we applied the google eyes, beak, and snood. (He selected the monster google eyes left over from Halloween...poor, crazy turkey!)
6. Finally, I formed legs and feet with colorful pipe cleaners and attached them to the bottom of the paper plate with hot glue (back side).
Taaaaddddaaaaaa, with a little "Gobble, Gobble" our crazy turkeys were all new meaning to the term "looney bird"!
A perfect project for a perfectly looney household!
Happy Thanksgiving, from our kooky flock to yours!

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