Wednesday, December 2

Some say "cart", I say "buggy"!

We strive to teach our children manners, morals, life lessons...preparing them for the big ol' world...hoping they'll grow up to be amazing human beings that contribute to society and...

Wait for it...

After use, return their shopping carts to the designated receptacle!

(Some say "cart", we say "buggy"...who's with me?)

It may seem silly but around this homestead, ORDER is a necessity for continued sanity. Unless it's a buggy-littered parking lot.

It gives me a twitch.

Consequently, it now gives my son a twitch.

I love this little person and his joyful desire for everything to be in its correct place...except on days like today.

Days that are crammed full of obligations and rushing from point A to point B, pants ablaze.

Yes, these days don't allow for my sweet, methodical child to insist on returning EACH INDIVIDUAL cart within reach to the above referenced receptacle.

Proud, yet slightly annoyed, an attempt to explain (or bark, depending on how the day is going) our time constraints and obligation to return ONLY ONE CART is made.

Until the look...

The somber look that only comes when one questions something that on any other day would be of the utmost importance...and your child responds "But Mom, this cart will be sad without his friends".

Pardon me for a moment while I sob uncontrollably...making the man passing by visibly uncomfortable.

You'd think this would be a lesson for me to slow down and smell the roses...and while this was a good reminder...more importantly, I learned #1: to be less "aghast" about my outrage because he's always watching...and #2: to stop attaching human emotions to inanimate objects because it backfires (usually when we're in a hurry).

Yes, in case you're wondering, TOGETHER, we returned eight carts to their "friends". All is well in the world.

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