Thursday, December 3

Feed Sack Games

It's time for another delightful DIY from our beloved, Leigh.
She and I have many things in common...including, an abundance of feed sacks lying around. While mine fill the recycle bin, in contrast...Leigh has found creative ways to repurpose and give them new life...I want to be like her when I grow up!
Here's a few game ideas to keep the kiddos occupied while you wait for Dad to call it a day...or just need a moment to wrap their Christmas presents...after locking yourself in the closet. 

 Sack Toss: Form a ball from torn sack and wrap with duct tape. Roll tops down of additional sacks and place in a line. See who can sink the first shot!

Airplane Game, AKA: Flight School: Cut feed sack down sides, leaving it attached along bottom. Unfold and lay flat to cut various sizes of holes. Trim edges with duct tape (because you want it to last more than 2.5 seconds. Designate points to different holes and attach string to top edge (for hanging). Cut and fold an airplane (or three, in Leigh's case) and you're all done...hours of fun!

Tic-Tac-Toe: Lay feed sack flat and crease the edges. Make a tic-tac-toe board on top with duct tape. Use rocks (or whatever else your kiddos can find) as game pieces. I wonder who won? I'm going with the Beagle...I hear they have mad sack game skills!

Along with games, there's a plethora of other good uses for feed sacks.

Have you considered?
1. Cover your plants during the winter season.
2. Making a kid's smock during messy craft sessions.
3. Keeping a spare sack in your car for transporting plants or mud soaked tennis shoes.
4. Making your kids a snow sled.
5. Create a sewing pattern or costume.

Once again, I'm inspired and I will no longer deposit my sad sacks in the garbage least not ALL of them! Hey, I have to be me!

Stay tuned for more Delightful DIY projects and a big thank you to our lovely Leigh!

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