Saturday, October 8

Ducks in a Pond

Well, HEEELLLLLOOOOO! Long time, no talk.

Let me start by apologizing for my extra long, super-extended, unintentional sabbatical. Last March, I promised myself I'd take a two week break from blogging.


If I've learned anything in this new season, time gets away from me. Rather, it scampers like a cat with its tail on fire.

Let me take a moment to catch you up.

Super Hunk keeps getting hunkier...not fair.

Little Man is no longer all that little. He keeps stretching upwards, getting longer and leaner while eating every available calorie in the house...not fair.

I'm now wearing age-defying cosmetics and no amount of push-ups can keep my arm from continuing to wave after I've stopped...all together now...not fair!

Little Man started school and I went back to work, which was always the plan. I'm thoroughly enjoying my new role as Editor of a lifestyle publication but I'm beginning to think I should use the description "planner" loosely when describing myself.  It's a harsh reality for this control freak.

My friend Lana always says, "My ducks aren't even remotely in a row but they're in the same pond, so I've got that going for me." This perfectly sums up my current "planned" season. In a frenzy, my ducks are circling. They're tired, hungry and have a hot mess of ruffled feathers. Not planned.

Having said that, here's what I'm learning. God is the perfect mathematician. He knows that adding blessings will force you to subtract distractions, things in your life that don't add up. All the madness, the things that cause these designer bags under my eyes are a beautiful equation! I'm allowing Him to stretch me, subtract things, and guide me to the busy that leads to abundance.

No matter how many ducks you have or how many directions they're swimming (planned or unplanned), let God place you in the right pond. The view is like no other!

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