Tuesday, December 22

Christmas Tree Brownies

It's Christmas week. Can you believe it?

It seems like I just mastered writing "2015" and here we go again. There's a sneaky little elf somewhere that stole the last 12 months!

Time flies when you're having flan...err, fun! :-)

Any who...keeping with our Christmas tradition, Little Man and I delivered festive goodies around town yesterday to spread a little holiday cheer.

This year, I let him select the treat and Christmas Tree Brownies were at the top of his list.

For your gatherings this week, add a little cheer with these cuties right here...

1 box brownie mix
1 green icing
1 yellow icing
Holiday sprinkles

Bake brownies according to instructions and let cool COMPLETELY. This was the hardest part for us because seriously...it's a big pan of brownies!

Cut brownies in triangles...circles would make for weird looking trees. :-)

Pipe green icing on each piece.

Adorn with your favorite holiday sprinkles.

Top with yellow icing because every tree needs a star and place them on your favorite platter.

A happy treat for your favorite peeps! (Yes, I realize there's been a pattern of pathetic rhyming in this post but it's the holidays and I've read waaaaaaayyyyy too many children's books!)
Merry Christmas, dear friends! May your week be filled with peace, love, and an overwhelming joy of the Lord!

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