Thursday, December 10

Comfort & Joy

Decking the halls is my favorite part about this time of year. In this post, from our beloved Interior Design Contributor, Fancy Nancy, she reminds us what's important and how to add that little extra sparkle while remaining merry and bright.

Comfort and Joy

I will admit, in the past I have been one of those OCD Christmas decorators, hanging tinsel one strand at a time, measuring how much slack was in the garland and how many feet between the bows. 
This year is different; because of a new business venture, life has been hectic and I think the Grinch stole about 6 hours out of each day. So……this year’s decorating has been with a blessed nonchalance and Christmas decorations now include a hastily decorated tree, a fire in the fireplace and some fluffy throws on the couch to ward off the December chill. 
That got me thinking about how things change from one year to the next, paradoxically, at a time of year that embodies no change at all, but tradition, custom, ritual.

Isn’t that what we love about Christmas, the traditions that help us hold onto the way things were? Our favorite foods, the smell of baking, naps on the couch during halftime of the football game, card games, Scrabble, and stacks of Christmas books are some of my favorites.

Your home is at its homiest in December. Whether you approach decorating with a case of OCD, or with a blessed nonchalance, let us embrace this season and all that is familiar.

One thing is certain, change is going to come and things will be different, but for now, may you find comfort and joy in the sameness of the season. Merry Christmas to all!

Hope this blesses you and a big THANK YOU to Fancy Nancy!

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