Thursday, December 24

Feeding a little extra!

My sweet Dad is here to spend Christmas with us! It warms my heart because...well, I super duper love him...and we haven't been together on this holiday in many years.

Sad face...

With Little Man resting (because Grandpa Rudy is like catnip for a little guy) and my two favorite grown men off to feed cows, I'm reminded of growing up and the many Christmas traditions I treasure.

James Taylor playing the most beautiful version of Silent Night.

Mom's cornbread dressing (see recipe here), there's something about the smell of green chiles and toasted pecans that is heavenly.

The amaryllis that always knows when to bloom.

A stack of Christmas books on the coffee table, read only once a year.

Trying to decide which present with be the one I open on Christmas Eve (because there's only ONE).

And one of my favorites, my Dad's tradition of always feeding our livestock a little extra on Christmas.

As each year passes, I cling to these traditions a bit more than the year before. But the most cherished is the tradition of celebrating Jesus, the one who came to give us so much. My heart is thankful...for the years gone by and the years to come.

Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with many cherished traditions!

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