Monday, September 21

Congratulations, you're expecting!

Greetings, friends!

Long time, no talk.

I'm officially back in the land of the living...the living internet, that is. Many people asked if it was nice being disconnected. My honest answer has been "Yes...for the first two weeks".

Seriously, I had no idea how dependent I had become on the worldwide web as a resource until I was forced to locate a phone book. A WHAT?! Let's not even discuss Rand McNally...Betty Crocker...or catalog shopping. I might as well be wearing a neon scrunchie and finishing off my side ponytail with a can of AquaNet!

I'm literally kissing my modem as we's uncomfortable and completely uncertain about its new home.


Annnyyyywhoooooooo...while I was away, we had quite a few life events occur (stay tuned). One involving our beloved bovines.

It was preg-checking day at the ranch recently which, since Little Man was born, has become one of my favorites.  Plus, there's always hungry cowboys and food to be delivered. Mom, you're up!

I talked about it in my recent Maple Walnut Muffin post.

Keeping a supervisory eye on the squeeze chute, just in case they need a hand.
Before I became a mom, the process of preg-checking was just another hot and dirty day.

Now that I've experienced all of the baby/pregnancy hullabaloo, I have butterflies in my stomach for my four-legged female friends.

"Baldy Balderson, the doctor will see you now."
I watch, in anticipation, of the gloved arm's removal (I'll spare you the details) and the shout of "bred" or "open". It's the equivalent of "+" or "-" on our home preggers tests.

The other ladies are sympathetic to the next gal in the proverbial stirrups.
I rejoice with the girls...even though I'm sure they're just focusing on the moment when that head gate flies open.

I can't help but wonder if they have their own language for "Did you see Red? Totally! From the back, she doesn't even look bred. I'm so jealous!"

Did I mention it was a hot and dirty day?
If the guys would let me, I'd show up with hundreds of pink and blue balloons to celebrate but me shouting "Congrats, you're expecting" would most assuredly produce some sideways glances.

I think I'll just rejoice on the inside!

Men on a mission.
 Another hard day's work is done. The humans are tired and the bovine beauties have resigned to their respective places in the pasture to chew their cud in peace.

This face constantly reminds me of the joys of motherhood. No matter the species, new life deserves celebrating...and no matter how many times we do it, this day never gets old.

Congrats, Mommies!

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