Wednesday, September 23

Personalized Door DIY

It's time for another beautiful DIY project from our talented contributor, the lovely Leigh!
As previously mentioned, she is the mother of three little adorably rambuctions little boy that is sure to break many hearts and two oh-so-gorgeous little girls. (To read more about Leigh, visit our Contributors Page.)
Today, she's taking us along as she personalizes her youngest daughter's space. Let me start this post by saying....As a Boymom, I have complete PINK ENVY!
Hope it inspires you! 

To begin, gather supplies. (See list below.)

Name decals - Purchased from a local sign shop.
2 cans of KILZ primer
1 can of Krylon spray paint - Color is Ballet Slipper, gloss finish.
1 can of Krylon spray paint - Color is Ivory, gloss finish.
2 wood signs - Found while cleaning out a closet. SCORE, we love repurposed items!
1 door (Leigh's hubby removed it from his Grandfather's old, dilapidated homestead. So special!)
1 can of Ralph Lauren faux technique glaze - Added a few drops of black to tint.
1 old t-shirt of hubby's (He's such a giver!)
1 paintbrush
1 face mask
15 empty feed sacks (Or cardboard...or drop cloths.)

Let the fun begin! After gathering your goodies, spray primer on door and signs.

When primer has a chance to dry, spray paint door and signs desired color. (Again, as a Boymom, the idea of painting anything "Ballet Slipper Pink" makes me giddy! I could try it but I'm certain Little Man would object.)

The grass might even get a makeover in the process! :-)

Ladies, get rrrreeaaadddyyy to GLAZE!

Next, glaze the door and signs so they look "aged". Brush the glaze into the crevasses, then wipe it with a wet cloth (AKA: Your hubby's old t-shirt...thanks, hubby).

Tip: As mentioned in the supplies list, using a gloss finish spray paint really helps with this step.

Side note: When I purchased my Ralph Lauren glaze at Home Depot a while ago, I had them add a few drops of black tint to the can. That's why my glaze is black and not clear.

(This looks much like me in the morning, after not removing my mascara the night before. Eek!)

This is a picture once the glaze has been wiped off. The glaze remains in the corners/edges and makes it look antique.

Next, brush glaze on the signs and wipe off (hubby's old t-shirt is really getting a workout). To add a more dramatic effect to the signs, I tapped the sign edges with my glazing brush and dragged it in a little to the center.

 To complete the signs, attach the vinyl name decals.

Lastly, attach the signs to the door and door to the wall. (Thank you, hubby. For the shirt AND for the "attaching to the wall"!)

Tada! Not only is it the perfect personalization for the most adorable little room, it reminds me of a secret door to a faraway place. Perfect for the beginning to any good bedtime story.

Thank you, Leigh, for another marvelous DIY!

(If you missed Leigh's Delightful Dresser DIY last month, click here to see how it turned out.)


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