Tuesday, August 18

Toddler Crafting, In Real Life!

Let's face it, crafting with a toddler is like organizing an army of ants with apple pie remnants in the yard.

The blogosphere, with super shiny moms and their super shiny kids, don't help matters much.

Are you kidding me? How are they not about to lose it? :-)

All these Pinterest posts with toddler crafts that involve scissors, small beads, paints, and other objects that can be licked...swallowed...or poured...do nothing but increase my blood pressure.

Maybe I'm alone...

Maybe I need to lower my control freak expectations...

Maybe I'm the only mom that pre-screens every craft before actually sitting her toddler down to participate.

Tell me...

Do you spend 30 minutes "preparing" to craft?

Organizing each item on the table according to "spillability"? Which you do during the nap or early in the morning before they wake...because you know if they see you, it's a full on "Tasmanian devil" moment?

Do you take time to consider which supplies are acceptable in the "within reach zone"...and which should be far...far away from little hands...in the "supervision is crucial to our survival zone"?

Do you even designate zones?

I know, I'm the only one.

With that, I'll now retreat to my craft corner to reorganize my bins while I rock back and forth, sucking my thumb...while Little Man rests.

I know it's worth it because it forms his young brain but, seriously, what happened to the days of paper dolls?

Happy crafting!
(Here's an easy project that is adorable and won't make you cray-cray by the end!)

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