Tuesday, August 25

Playing with rocks!

The older Little Man gets, the more expansive his world becomes. Cardboard boxes become spaceships, branches become boats, my good kitchen spoon becomes a shovel to dig for gold.

To spend each day with this little imagination is a pleasure and sometimes a laugh-until-I-cry…or pee…JOY!

However, with this newly developing independence comes a big ol’ bag labeled “My Ideas”. Mom’s cool factor has already begun to fade…yes, I even get an occasional eye roll. Yesterday was a “Whatever” like he’d said it a thousand times.

Oh, no you didn’t!

Because the only thing certain in parenting is change, I’m rolling with it and…like a bad pair of discount store thongs (and I’m not talking flip flops)…adjusting as needed.

Craft time is a standard part of our day. Routinely, the bin emerges from the closet and we create something exciting together.

Yesterday was different; he surveyed the spread, cordially declined, and scooted outside, with his bucket in hand.

Oh, no you didn’t!

I’ll admit, to say I was a deflated is an understatement.

But I made the appropriate adjustment to my big girl panties, grabbed my Sharpies and glitter (which he refused to let me use…rude), and quickly followed.

I was instructed to gather rocks and place them in the wagon.

Bossy! Or Assertive? Either way, I wonder where he gets it? Hmmmmmm?

When he was pleased with the haul, I was commissioned to draw.

I asked, ”What would you like?”

Emphatically, he answered, “Car, truck, and trailer.”

Duh, Mom…look alive!

With an educational twist…because I can’t turn it off…here is the result.

We selected ten rocks with the smoothest surfaces. My poor Sharpies would be a mangled mess if used on a few of those loofas.

Little Man decided on the vehicle and color of choice. We then added numbers.

Before he would put them in numerical order, he had to sort them by color.

Again, I wonder where he gets it? Hmmmmm?

After about thirty minutes, from start to finish…

The caravan was complete!

We combined his love of cars…rocks…and outdoors with my love of inspiring him…spending time with him…and just pretty much all of HIM!

Overall, rolling with it was a super duper success and another excellent life lesson for me.

Now, how can I use all this glitter? J

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