Friday, August 28

Motherhood is Kingdom work!

Super Hunk and I joke that we’re members of the Old Parents’ Club. No self-deprecation here, just simple facts. We waited until our pre-geriatric years to become parents.

We walk around with a “tired” that threatens to never go away.


Yaaaawwwwwnnnnnn. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

This week was Little Man’s first week of school. For a while, the anticipation of this milestone has been great. From the moment Nana sent the monogrammed backpack, we were counting down the days.

While my prayers have been for this new experience to be a positive one, I couldn’t help but have my fears.

Fear of the drop-off meltdown (which only mildly occurred), and the stares from all the “together mothers”.

Fear of the only child “yes, that too is mine” mentality and arriving to find my son in the corner with a mound of hoarded toys.

Fear of the peeing on the playground, while using a precious pair of pink sparkly shoes (attached to a little girl) as his target.

Fear of the classroom fish being “loved to death”.

You know, legitimate “boy mom” concerns.

But as God does, He patted me on the back and whispered, ever so gently…”I’ll be here with him”.

You see, motherhood is Kingdom work.

No matter if you're in the "I wear Ann Taylor and I just don't care" Club or if you sport the "twenties messy bun and yoga pants from Forever 21", we all share the same first week of school concerns. All the while, praying that God will keep them safe, form their young minds, and travel with them down this road of childhood.

Another "first" is behind us, well documented on every camera we own, and another illustration of how God always...every single time...carries us to the other side of the unknown.

Happy school year, friends...remember, motherhood is Kingdom work and our enemies are the matter our age.

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