Saturday, August 29

The Reading Nook ~ GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Lana Hamblin
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Guest Contributor, Fancy Nancy, is in the house...literally! Today, she's taking us to her favorite spot in any home...the reading nook.

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book." ~ Dr. Seuss

What (and Where) Are You Reading? (By: Fancy Nancy)

With summer winding down and school uniforms making their way to the ironing pile, I wonder what (and where) you read this summer? 

Is your nook by the water?
I was one of those strange children who actually looked forward to the summer reading assignment; it gave me an excuse to curl up for hours with a book and be transported to a faraway place. As an adult, it is a little harder to find a block of hours to indulge in reading. More often it’s done in an unconventional way, in small snatches of time and in some most unlikely places (on your Kindle app, waiting in line at the drive-in of the bank).

Do your little ones have their favorite spots?
When you get to be my age, reading horizontally is a treat (in bed), but I wanted to inspire you with some photos of reading nooks. Take a look around your house and see where you could create a quiet corner dedicated to reading, whether inside or out. That awkward corner that has been giving you a decorating twitch, turn it into a comfortable area for a little R&R. All that's required is a comfortable chair, light (natural is best) and a good book. A small table for a lamp (and drinks), comfortable pillows, and a throw for those chilly days, will complete your space. Maybe your reading place is an Adirondack chair on the porch, or a floatie in the pool (paperback recommended). Wherever your place, share it with us, along with what you are reading, or have read this summer.

Maybe it's your favorite corner of the house or in your favorite chair?
And remember, “A book is a dream you hold in your hands”.

Along with a few tips to customize your book loving space, she's also doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!! This genuine leather book bag will add a little pizazz to any book lover's literary haul!

Seriously...a more generous gal, you'll never find!

Monogrammed "I like big books and I cannot lie."
To enter, comment below with your answer to "What are you reading? What did you read this summer?" Inquiring minds want to know...and I'm between books at the moment, so I need some recommendations.

Winner will be selected on Saturday. Happy reading...and registering! (A BIG, Texas-sized, THANK YOU to Fancy Nancy!)


  1. The Bible ~ Ephesians, Philippians, & Titus
    Great post, Fancy Nancy!

  2. Ahh, favorite reason to lose sleep. My love of reading matches my love of carbs. Although one is not near as good for me. Ha! I'm currently reading " Love & Respect in the Family " by Dr Emerson Eggerichs


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