Monday, August 17

Fried Egg & Pepper Sandwich

My mom makes a mean fried egg sandwich.

Growing up, I’m convinced it was the only way she could get me to eat eggs…fry it in butter and slap it between two slices of yummy bread. I’ll take two, please!

Confession…I’d eat almost anything prepared that way. Ha!

Carrying on the tradition in my own kitchen, fried egg sandwiches are a staple around here.

Super Hunk’s breakfast of choice is a veggie omelet. (Mine is an ooey gooey cinnamon roll but opposites attract, right?) Since he’s usually up and out the door early, I wanted to give him something a bit more portable.

The Fried Egg & Pepper Sandwich was born…and it’s now a Mommy’s Kitchen Top 5 Most Requested.

(Yields: 1 sandwich)
1 medium egg
1 tablespoon cheddar cheese, grated
3 tablespoons mixed bell pepper, diced
1 Sandwich Thin of choice
2 tablespoons butter
Salt & Pepper to taste
Mayonnaise (optional)

Melt one tablespoon of butter on medium-high heat skillet. Crack egg (break yolk, if desired) and add diced bell peppers to skillet.
Sprinkle with salt & pepper.

Cook for about a minute, flip egg, and stir peppers. That butter gives everything a beautiful golden hue.

(PS. No need to panic, you’re not seeing double. I’m making two…one for Super Hunk…1/3 for me…2/3 for Little Man…which pretty much describes all of our meals.)

Top egg with cheese. When fully cooked, place on plate to cool slightly. 
Butter sandwich thins and place on skillet until golden brown.

Assemble sandwich (Super Hunk likes a healthy portion of mayo…is that an oxymoron?) and ENJOY!

Feel free to use any veggies you prefer, there is NO wrong way so get creative!

Combine with chips and salsa for a little extra party in your mouth!


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