Thursday, August 13

Paper Plate Bugs

Today is a Favorite Things feature...hours of fun...the perfect gift for little people everywhere.

 Little Man received this box of goodness from his Aunt Rekah, supporting his new fascination with bugs.

From a crafting perspective...we give it two thumbs up. From a mommy perspective...I give it a "YIPPEE"!

While I enjoy gathering craft supplies and creating something unique, having a box with everything enclosed is a DREAM. If you have a toddler, you know how most of the "prep" for craft time ends up destroyed before it even begins. :-)
The fun box included five different kits, featuring an assortment of bugs.

For our first creation, Little Man selected the caterpillar (in honor of our pet to come).
"Mom, I can't see". Goober!
With a quick lick of the glue stick (which was also handy), we were off. Following the specific directions, we glued....applied stickers...folded...and pressed.
Pretty soon, it started to vaguely resemble the photo...I was feeling pretty proud considering our usual creations begin as one thing and end up looking more like a tornado.

Tada! I think we did pretty well...and had a great time doing it!
I highly recommend the paper plate bug kit for any little one...any occasion! Thank you, Aunt Rekah!
Click here to order yours today!
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