Thursday, July 23

Zoom Zoom Fruit

To say Little Man "loves" cars is a gross understatement!

There are no words in the English language that can accurately describe his deep attachment to anything with wheels. They say "it's a boy thing"...but who are "they" anyway? :-) That's the real question.

I digress...

He eats with cars, sleeps with cars, walks with cars, talks about cars, bathes with cars, and...yes...occasionally even poops with cars. TMI alert!

I'm pretty sure his entire thought process throughout the day, in some way, includes a car.

So naturally, when I asked what he wanted for a snack...he responded with "a car".

You can imagine his surprise when Mommy delivered!

With a little creativity, food can literally be oh so much fun.

1 red apple
Peanut butter (optional)

Core apple and cut in slices. Rinse grapes and cut in halves.

Insert toothpick on each end of skinny side of apple slice. Fee free to snip off the ends of the toothpicks if you're trying to fit numerous cars on the same platter.

Place grape half, rounded side in towards apple slice, on toothpick. Repeat for other side.

Once all four grape wheels are attached, it will look something like this. I piped a few numbers on the cars with peanut butter but this is optional.

Tada...the race is on!

The look on Little Man's face was priceless (and definitely worth the ten minutes it took to construct them). Of course, the peanut butter was the first to go...that's my boy (Nutella would be good too)!

Get creative and use green apples and green grapes to give the cars a little variety.

Disclaimer: If you don't trust your little ones with toothpicks, you can use the plastic cocktail skewers. They only have one pointed edge and come in fun colors!

Zoom Zoom Fruit was a huge seen above! I hope your little ones enjoy it too.

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