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Hostess with the Mostest ~ Guest Bedroom Perfection!

Happy Monday! I'm thrilled to take this crazy day and infuse it with a little "Ahhhhhhhh". Let me start by introducing you to our new Guest Contributor, Fancy Nancy, and her invaluable interior design wisdom on creating the perfect space for your guests (she's the MASTER)! Sit back, relax...and enjoy!

Hostess with the Mostest ~ by Fancy Nancy
What better gift to give your guests than a well-appointed guest bedroom? 

Here are thirteen simple ideas for turning that spare room into a thoughtfully designed space. Think of it as a luxury hotel with the feel of your favorite bed and breakfast.

1. A bookshelf with an assortment of must-reads. Goodwill or a second-hand bookstore is a great place to pick up some inexpensive books on a wide range of topics.  That way, if your guest doesn’t finish it before they leave, they can take it with them. A couple of magazines are nice for those that want a short read. Just make sure they are current issues.

2. A bedside table with a nice reading lamp. Add a coaster, so your guests don’t have to worry about sitting their glass on your grandmother’s favorite table. A box of Kleenex and bottled water is a welcome touch. Add a flashlight to the nightstand drawer, in case the lights go out. If you have space, a comfy chair with a soft throw can make a cozy reading nook.  Try to leave a plug in plain sight, for charging a phone.

3. Soft, luxurious linens. Anyone who knows me knows this is my weakness.  Buy a nice set of cotton sheets (absolutely no microfiber), and layer the bed with a soft blanket and comforter. Your guests can always fold back what they don’t need.  Have an assortment of pillows on hand so your Goldilocks-like guests can find one that is not too hard, not too soft, but JUST right. Always ask before using down, many people are allergic. Buy the best linens you can afford; they last a long time and are SOOO worth it.

4. A small stool, bench or folding luggage rack. Your guests (and their backs) will thank you when they don’t have to rifle through a suitcase on the floor.  A couple of empty drawers is an added bonus for those who want to unpack. If your room is small and there is no room for a chest, invest in nightstands with drawers that can pull double duty.

5. A small basket of snacks; cookies, breakfast bars and nuts, especially if your guests have kids.

6. Write your wi-fi password on a small card and leave on the nightstand. Your guests will appreciate it.

7. Clear at least 18-24 inches of closet space and don’t forget some extra hangers. Leave a fan in plain sight in the closet in case your guests prefer sleeping with a fan.

8. Don’t throw away that old single cup coffeemaker. A small table can hold a couple of cups, spoons, napkins and a small assortment of coffees. If your guests are early risers, they can have that first cup in their room.  I call it "the pajama bar".

9. Hoard those hotel soaps, shampoos and lotions to make a small basket for the guest bath in case they forgot something. Visit the travel-size aisle of the drug store and pick up toothpaste and an extra toothbrush. A miniature bottle of Tylenol will be appreciated. A small sewing kit for that loose button is also a thoughtful addition.

10. Big, fluffy towels and washcloths. White will make your guests feel like they are at the Four Seasons, but don’t forget to add some colored washcloths for make-up removal.  A terry robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door will enhance the spa-like experience. A small basket for dirty towels is nice as well.

11. Clear a space on the bathroom vanity for your guest’s personal objects, or add a small table in the bathroom. That cluttered vanity may be pretty, but not functional.

12. A nightlight lighting the way to the bathroom is a welcome addition. And make sure the bathroom has a trash can.

13. A small bouquet of fresh flowers adds a personal touch. Something as simple as a rose from your garden makes it even more special.

And finally, don’t forget this fabulous room is part of YOUR home. When you don’t have guests, use it as your own little getaway place. Close the door, put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign and enjoy the beautiful space you have created.  You deserve it!

(Thank you, Fancy Nancy, for the great tips! Until we decorate again...)

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