Friday, July 17

Let's Dance ~ GIVEAWAY Winner!

⚪⚪⚪⚪ WINNER ⚪⚪⚪⚪
Congrats! Send me an email with your contact info and I'll get your goodie to you.

Thank you for all who participated and stay tuned for more Favorite Things giveaways.
Confession, I haven't done a giveaway in a VERY long time.

But I'm sure you already know that...

So let me apologize. In a BIG way. From the bottom of my heart. With all my might.

Soooooooooo soooorrryyyyyy!

In honor of the S&S facelift, who wants a freebie? Me, me, pick me!

Let's face it, good food makes me break out the happy dance. Along with shiny countertops and clean dishes.

Here's an adorable little gem that helps in all those areas...because your kitchen should be used for dancing!

To register, comment below with your favorite dance tune. The foot-tapping beat you love best. The song that makes you bust a move in the frozen foods aisle. Stop it, I know I'm not the only one...Hello, Ice Ice Baby...too cold, too cold (pun intended)!

Winner will be selected at random on Friday. Tell all your friends and share the joy of doing the running man in your kitchen. Again, just me?


  1. Anything with the King of Country, my George boy!

  2. Shake by MercyMe. Even sitting in my chair I starting "shaking"!

    1. Guuurrrlllll, you know that's right! It's slightly dangerous when driving! :-)

  3. I hate to admit this but it would have to be Chubby Checker, Twist. I know I am showing my age but it's a great song.

  4. I'm a Lionel Richie girl. Dancing on the ceiling is one of my favorites.


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