Wednesday, May 13

The Power of a Cookie

Tuesdays are story and craft time at the local library.

Little Man is usually pretty excited about attending. This time was a bit different and I should've known better by his reluctance to go.

Between the ants in his pants, his very short attention span, and his inability to use his "inside voice", I was praying for reading time to conclude and craft time to begin. I'm sure it was only ten pages but that book seemed like the children's edition of War & Peace!

Finally, as if reading my mind, the woman uttered the words I'd been longing to hear, "The end".

Whoosh, surely glue sticks and sequins will keep him interested.

As I'm searching for a paper beak to adorn his spring chicken, he begins a kicking match with the boy to his right. It was quickly diffused by the "mommy look".

A few minutes later, a heated "" conversation with the girl to his left. OH, GOOD GRIEF!

The final straw was when he smacked said girl for trying to steal his chicken wing (this stupid bird is going to send me straight over the edge).

And yes, you guessed it...what came next was a standard mother/son "trip to the bathroom". I'll spare you the details but let's just say he had a completely different attitude when we emerged.

With a somewhat sincere "sorry" to the now pouting little girl, we grabbed our partially deformed chicken and headed to the car.

On the way home, we further discussed his misbehavior. When asked why he acted with such defiance, he promptly responded...

"Mama, I just needed a cookie!"

And there you have it folks, even toddlers get "hangry" (hungry and angry).

While my outside was trying to enforce discipline, my inside was screaming "I HEAR YA, BUDDY!"

Never underestimate the power of a cookie!

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