Wednesday, May 20

The Simply Fabulous $6 Sign

A friend and I recently hosted a wedding shower for a sweet pal of ours (stay tuned for more photos). Her colors for the big day are metallics and neutrals, which I find very exciting. Sparkle, shine, repeat!
With the shower planning in full swing, it gave me an excuse to spend unacceptable amounts of time on Pinterest. Happy dance!
I was in love with the idea of initials on the mantle as a sparkly "welcome to the festivities" message. However, when putting my plan into action, I was a bit discouraged. Even the most inexpensive letters (times three) were more than I wanted to pay with all the other glitter d├ęcor we had planned.
So, I improvised and here's what my super-duper-frugal-self came up with...a simply fabulous $6 sign.
It definitely made a statement without breaking my piggy bank. Mission accomplished!

Items you'll need:
1 Foam Board (your preferred size)
1 Ampersand (if needed)
Elmer's Glue
Duct Tape

To start, I measured the height of the board and calculated the distance between each stripe in order to make them centered. Instead of painting (and since the bride's theme was metallics), I chose to use duct tape as a much easier and faster option.

My design included the initials of the happy couple with an ampersand (&). I purchased the ampersand from a craft store for 50% off. SCORE! To make sure they were also centered, I measured the width of the board and ampersand. This gave me an idea of how large the letters could be.

I then sketched (you can also trace them from a template) the letters.

Next, I traced the letter outline with Elmer's glue, filled in the letter, and topped with glitter. Then a little more glitter.

And the grand finale of lots more glitter.

When both letters were glued and glittered, I set it aside to dry overnight.

Finally, I attached ampersand with hot glue and taaaaaaaaaaaaadddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...FABULOUS!

Look at her shimmer! It's a job well done!

Inexpensive, fast, and perfect for any type of celebration!

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