Thursday, March 5

His Poor Wife

Little Man is an only child...need I say more?

While I strive daily to raise a man who is humble, respectful, and grateful...I'm guilty of providing a bit more "fluff" than I probably should.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice (I now regret this decision...I must've been half looney that day).

A cookie jar, constantly filled with homemade goodies (I'm fortunate he now likes to help).

On days that his allergies are unbearable, I carry a DAMP "boogie rag" in my purse. Super Hunk started the damp part, I've thanked him multiple times.

Warm towels, fresh from the dryer.

There's nothing like it...on a cold day...when you're not wearing pants!

Making his world bigger, brighter, and warmer is my pleasure...even though I occasionally want to rock back and forth in the corner for a Mommy time out.

These moments will pass and he'll grow up to need me in a multitude of different ways.

I can only hope he has fond memories...

I'm apologizing now to his poor wife! :-) 

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