Tuesday, February 17

Inspired to cook!

Back in December, I shared with you the next chapter of S&S would be Cooking with Courtney classes. I made the decision to partner with North Texas Farm & Ranch Magazine and share with other busy women, the joy of cooking.
The first class was held in January and it was nothing like I planned. Another illustration of God doing what He does best. I envisioned an instructional class, where we discussed recipes and tips. The ladies attending had other ideas, they wanted to COOK!
Cue the hand to the forehead.
With recipes in hand, I stepped aside and let them take the kitchen reins. I was present in strictly a supervisory capacity and loved every minute of it.
With two months under our belts, new friendships are being formed.
New recipes are being mastered.

And laughter always fills the room...so much laughter.

Watching the seed that God planted in my heart become a harvest has been priceless. Cooking ruts, be gone...these ladies are ready for anything (even the burned dessert we repurposed from strawberry shortcake stacks to strawberry shortcake crumble...it was delicious)!

Teaching, sharing, cooking, and let's not forget...eating...with each other has inspired a new love of cooking...even in me.

As if that wasn't enough, I also get to exercise my "giving" muscle and send every class attendee on their merry way with one of my favorite kitchen items. You get a spatula, you get a spatula, you get a spatula!

If you want more information on classes, email me or follow S&S on Facebook.
Cooking doesn't have to be hard...just inspired!

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