Friday, October 31

My Paper Pumpkin Project

I recently found canned pumpkin on sale and bought more than I should've (I can't resist an overflowing cart, parked strategically by the entrance, with a huge red clearance sign).

I quickly found myself asking, "How many different ways can you incorporate pumpkin in a recipe? Pinterest would know!"

In case you're wondering, I frequently have conversations with myself on an array of subjects. It turns out, I'm quite the conversationalist!

As I said, I was swimming in a sea of canned goodness and frantically searching for a recipe other than bread or cookies (I never thought I would say those words). As I was scrolling, I came across the most adorable paper pumpkin project ("squirrel"). This is how people can spend 15.2 hours on Pinterest and not be able to feel their legs.

With a thrift store knitting book, glue gun, and a few sticks later...what do you think?

My opinion...they're delightful! My fingertips will never be the same (I'm a dunce with a glue gun) but they're delightful.

I challenge you to make a few for your Thanksgiving festivities (you can find the step-by-step here). The original instructions call for the use of book pages but I wanted a little pop of color. Let me know how it goes and watch that glue..."hot" is an understatement!

I'm still surrounded by pretty, shiny cans of pumpkin...rescue me. Please?

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