Wednesday, October 29

BOO Humbug!

Boo humbug, Halloween just isn't my thing!

There, I said it. Please don't egg my house or smash my pumpkins.

In my adulthood, I've tried to embrace it and I give myself an "A" for effort (I like to think of myself as an "I'll try anything, within reason" kind of girl). However, the dread of seeing grown men and women in inappropriate costumes overpowers the few adorable tinkerbells and teddy bears skipping down the street (the kids, not the grownups).

Being a parent is hard (but that's a whole other post). We try not to project our feelings onto our children but my disdain for the goblin and ghoul day is hard to hide.

Side note, when did it become a "holiday" anyway? The post office is open, banks are open, the courthouse is officially, it shouldn't be considered so.

I digress.

Here's my rambling point. Little Man is old enough to recognize he's actually wearing a costume. Last year, we were more concerned about the edible parts of his costume. He now refuses to wear anything on his head, he won't sit still long enough to have his face painted (or leave it without smudging), and most things he agrees to carry inevitably end up in my purse. You can see my dilemma.

Besides all that, why would I expose him to a crowd full of people with scary masks and bloody limbs? Are you getting where I'm going with this?

I recognize, as a society, we are moving in a direction of "fall harvests" and "pumpkin parties" rather than door-to-door candy begging but am I forcing a tradition on him I myself don't support for the fear of being labeled "the mom who doesn't participate"? Am I making him wear a costume I constructed just so when he's thirty he doesn't ask me what he was for Halloween and I look like a deer in headlights? (Super Hunk reassured me that grown men don't care about those things anyway but do I dare chance it?)

Anywho, I guess I'm wondering..."what's your opinion"? Do I sit this one out until he's old enough to decide on his own? Or do I Pinterest for hours on end, trying to find a last minute costume just so he can join the community's local fright night and beg for candy I most likely won't let him consume anyway?

The pressure...

If you're a Halloween lover, have fun and be safe. I'm going to my happy place, to think happy thoughts...I may or may not come out in time for October 31st.

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