Tuesday, September 16

Words are important, not text-speak!

I recently received a text message from a college student that was so foreign to me, Japanese would've made more sense. It was full of text-speak, no ACTUAL discernible words! (Yes, I love her enough to correct her.)

For those of you already confused by the term "text-speak", it's what the current generation considers conversation..."IDK" (I don't know), "SMH" (shaking my head), "TBH" (to be honest).

The very same day, I was having a conversation with a twenty-something business professional and the words "selfie" and "cray cray" were used ever so casually. The most disturbing part, my use of the word "reiterate" was bewildering.

Before you think this post is intended to be an attack on our younger generation, hear me out.

Words are important to me. With the increase of electronic communication, there's an entire generation (and possibly many more to come) that are missing a crucial part of correspondence...the power of words. With the correct spelling and usage, words can unlock doors and transport you to places never thought possible.

This might seem "old school" (there's my one slang term for the day) but let me say, I embrace change. I'm capable of adapting to new and fresh. I believe it's possible to achieve adaptation while maintaining an extensive vocabulary. Maybe I should've been a teacher!

My strong position on the subject is my mother's fault (she gets the blame for most of my good qualities). She emphasized the importance of proper written and verbal communication skills and I'm forever thankful. I've had the opportunity to correspond with all walks of life and varying levels of professionals. In every instance, I felt equipped...never once intimidated.

Words are important, not only for others, for yourself. The ability to achieve success with only your words inevitably makes you walk a little taller.

Disclaimer: My son will most likely loathe me later in life. I'm not naïve, I know he'll be fluent in text-speak but he'll also be Oxford English Dictionary educated and equipped. The day those college essays roll around, I'm confident he'll be swinging for the fences! After all, it's our job as parents to make home runs possible.

I'm off to learn a new word and use it in a sentence ten times. Super Hunk would like you to know, he thinks I'm "cray cray"!

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  1. I love you and your proper english. It intimidates me, I'm always left feeling that I sound like the hick that I am. Haha! However, I'm glad you love me anyway.


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