Saturday, September 13

Fruity Water

We are a water family...with a splash of iced tea (it's hard to take the southern out of the girl). When Little Man started drinking more than milk, I really tried to refrain from juices with high sugar content (and his belly strongly dislikes them). He never seemed to mind good ol' H2O.

However, as his palette has matured (and his vocabulary) he occasionally refuses water.. Okay, maybe it's his age (hello, two-years-old) more than his taste! He'd turn down a double sugar coated cookie wrapped in cotton candy if it was my idea. Ha!

As any frazzled mother of a toddler would, I improvised and Fruity Water was born.

Select your favorite fruit (or a menagerie), drop in a mini muffin tin, and freeze for a few hours. Pineapple and watermelon are my favorite because they're naturally a bit sweeter. Little Man is a berry...berries...and more berries fan (it's really just berries with a little water).

So delicious! In fact, I think I'll have a glass too.


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