Thursday, September 11

The Perfect Day for Operation Gratitude

I remember exactly where I was 13 years ago. There are very few moments in my life I recall so vividly.

No matter our differences, once a year, our entire nation comes together for a moment of reflection. One day where we forget the dark and focus on the light, the resilience of this amazing country we call home.

Today is also Thank You Thursday (#thankyouthursday), another day I hold close to my heart. September 11th seems even more momentous this year as my heart is forever grateful for the sacrifices made on that difficult day.

To commemorate all who served and celebrate those still in uniform, Little Man and I chose to take a moment and participate in Operation Gratitude.

While you can send care packages and various other goodies, we decided to write a few #thankyouthursday notes hoping to express our appreciation (and Little Man showed off his mad art skills...he's wearing most of the marker and chewed on the crayons...coloring chaos).

I hope you'll join us in thanking a person in uniform today...military, law enforcement, or rescue. This country would most certainly not be the same without them.

I know this isn't my normal, light-hearted post but a life without gratitude is a life without blessings. Take a moment, write a note!


  1. Greatly appreciate this post!

    1. Thanks to you and your family for your service and daily sacrifice!


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