Monday, September 1

Dress Up & Show Up

My mother and I recently traveled to celebrate the union of my brother and his new bride (I'll post more about those misadventures later). While sitting in the airport, observing all walks of life, I found myself dismayed.

Remember a time when flying was considered a privilege? It wasn't viewed as a personal bedroom with wings for people to wear pajamas, slippers, and tote pillows.

When did we become so relaxed? So casual?

Sharing my disgust with "Fancy Nancy" (she lives up to her name), out came another profound piece of wisdom that tilted my world on its axis.

Ever so gracefully, she said...

This beautifully polished mother of mine has once again put everything in perfect perspective.  Our appearance is a choice (and many people need full-length mirrors). I wish she could've jumped up and shouted it from the loud speakers that day. It's definitely a message worth sharing!

This will forever stay with me as another one of my favorite bits of Mom's wisdom. I don't know about you but I want people to remember ME, not my yoga pants and bedroom slippers!

Take pride, dress up, and show up (Coco and Fancy Nancy will be proud). I promise, you'll walk a little taller.


  1. I wear comfortable classy! I try to get through secruity quickly and smoothly!

    1. I wish more people followed your example, lovely lady!

  2. Just another reason why I love you, and your beautifully polished Mama!


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