Thursday, August 28

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

Anything that comes in a box labeled "Laughter Kit" is okay by me!

My Mom recently sent Little Man his very own Laughter Kit, complete with the Tickle Monster book and Tickle Mitts. He immediately removed the mitts, grabbed the book, and settled in next to me.

The very first page sparked a load of giggles (Mommy wearing tickle mitts might have had something to do with it). A loveable monster with puffy blue mitts has just flown in from the Planet Tickle. His mission is to bring joy and laughter to all on Planet Earth. How? By tickling any child who happens to follow along the pages of this charming (and I'm a sucker for books that rhyme).

By the time we finished, we both had a belly ache and he was pleading "again".

It has officially become our new favorite book (notice I said "our") and I knew I had to share, confident you need a laughter kit of your own!

A little piece of advice, this is not recommended for bedtime reading. I tried it and I should've just handed Little Man a handful of sugar...the results would've been the same!

Here's a link to Amazon or you can find a delightful little box at your local bookstore.

Happy reading and let the tickling begin (I advise a quick potty break before you strap on the mitts)!

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