Monday, May 19

Happiness is a tortilla!

We recently embarked on a family road trip. In my preparation, I visited a few of my favorite mommy blogs and Pinterest boards. Armed with a few new ideas for keeping a toddler occupied, I felt a little like Supermom...ready to flick my cape!

As time does, it flew by and there I was packing the day before (my cape was a bit tattered). My list of creative ideas, gourmet road trip snacks, and car games became much like my Pinterest imaginary world where I never sleep.

Loaded with the usual cast of characters, we set off on our journey. Four hours later, we arrived and life taught me a lesson...simple is sometimes better!

Instead of an array of special snacks, ham and cheese tortilla wraps yielded the same adorable smile.

Instead of a basket full of activities, a $5.00 bargain DVD and a new matchbox car were well worth the investment! I even planned an elaborate rope and pulley system to transfer a basket of goodies from the front of the car to the back. In the end, crawling over the seat to sit next to him made my little guy just as happy.

The moral of this story, don't overthink it! While I support creativity (and love Pinterest), sometimes simple is better. Do what you can, enjoy every moment, and keep in mind that occasionally happiness is a tortilla!

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