Thursday, May 22

This little stool is mine!

A few weeks ago, I shared a post with you regarding an upcoming Chamber of Commerce event called The Chair Affair (read it here). I included a couple of pics of "project chairs" and enlisted your help to get my creative juices flowing. I have to say, you are so imaginative and came up with some really clever options. They are still in the incomplete phase but I'm determined to finish within the week. Some people need a Personal Assistant, I need a Personal Cheerleader!

Having said that, I'm pleased to report I have marked this little cutie off my lengthy to-do list (with only the excited squeals of a toddler to keep me pressing on). I failed to get a "before" photo, these days I'm lucky to remember to apply mascara to BOTH eyes! But here are the "after" shots, it turned out pretty adorable. Don't you think? 

The original color was red and I dry brushed a little turquoise to add more color. I painted a white star and gave it a little sanding to make it appear old. We make new furniture look old, such a paradox.

The saying is my favorite, it reads as follows.

"This stool is mine,
I use it all the time.
To reach the things I couldn't,
And all the things I shouldn't."

Little Man has enthusiastically entered this stage so I can relate. It will make some little squirt very happy!

Disclaimer: I spent two days trying to perfectly align the wording. Finally, Super Hunk said "it's supposed to look like a kid wrote it"...I automatically felt better. This is why I love him and I've decided he can stay, forever!

For more information on the event, visit the Chair Affair page.


  1. Too cute!!!

  2. an attic find..a true trash to treasure, you are awesome my friend!


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