Tuesday, May 27

Chair Affair Transformation

I'm seeing chairs in my sleep, one chair...two chairs...three...zzzzzzzzzzzz. To be honest, I see them all day. I have paint everywhere but I finally mastered the spray nozzle, after the third chair! How can a 97 cent can of spray paint make you feel so inferior?

I originally introduced my bargain projects in my Chair Affair post. If you missed it, here is a before photo.

The chair on the right has a fresh, new look. You provided some very creative options and I appreciate your ideas. I went with a colorful floral design. Cue drum roll...


I painted the base a tan (putty) color to coordinate with the fabric. I initially thought about green but didn't want it to be too wild. Is there such a thing?

I painted the back turquoise (it looks blue in the photo) and applied a series of flowers from the seat fabric.

What do you think? Be honest! Super Hunk said it's a little "old lady" but he said it in the most loving way. I tend to disagree, I think it's happy! 

Okay, let me have it...I want to hear from you! Would you buy it?


Thank you for your comments, I enjoy hearing from you!