Monday, April 28

Where can I return my gift of Hay Fever?

We spent the weekend outside, working in the yard. The warm weather (and plentiful rain) has resulted in substantial growth. (I wonder if that's what is happening to my hips...could it be?)

The garden, the flower beds, the lawn...they were all screaming for mercy, much like my allergies!

Have you experienced the wrath of Hay Fever? I'm uncertain, along the way, when I first received this gift but do you know where I can return it (without a receipt)?

My son, poor baby, also has the same snotty affliction (I blame his Father). The Pediatrician said with both parents experiencing the joys of excess sneezing, Little Man had an 80% chance of doing the same. She should've said he'd have 80% more snot than other children, that would be accurate!

Any who...ah choo...severe Hay Fever can take you down like an African dart gun hunting an oversized elephant. It's not pretty! Your entire body itches, even your scalp. Eyes, nose, mouth, they all leak...drip...and the sneezing never stops...NEVER!

I can go on and on about the misery but if you've never sneezed until you peed, you just don't understand. So here's a visual...this is Hay Fever, in a funny little nutshell.

Aside from the public humiliation, I would absolutely wear this! It might prevent comments from Super Hunk like "Is that snot on your shirt?" (It's a good thing he's handsome and I'm crazy about him or I would punch him.)
My pre-sneeze face is serious...seriously freaky. I'm performing a public service by staying home when engaging in a sneezing fit!
Little Man performs this trick on a daily basis, who needs real bubbles when you have snot?
Super Hunk has a three sneeze rule. If you exceed three sneezes, his "bless you" still applies without needing to repeat. I appreciate it because let's face it, after ten sneezes it's slightly annoying.
Yes, my pre-sneeze face is freaky (as stated above) but it's usually the toilet paper stuck to my face that qualifies me as an idiot.
This has nothing to do with my allergies but it made me giggle! Let's be honest, Mondays need all the help they can get.
Hope your day is amazing and you get through it, snot free (literally and figuratively)!
(Photos from Pinterest)


  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! That was funny, however I am sorry you have that to deal with. At least you find humor in blogging about it! ;-)

    1. Lana, you know me too well. There's humor in everything!


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