Wednesday, April 30

Bag of cornmeal exploded on the floor, let's dance!

Today, I have nothing of value to share. My day was one of chaos and I'm just now sitting down, for the first time since I opened my eyes.

While I usually plan my weekly posts, today's scheduled topic is being postponed due to this day in disarray.

I know you'll forgive me, you're superb like that! My promise to you, tomorrow I'll be better. I'll stand a little straighter, apply an extra coat of concealer to these giant bags under my eyes, and crank out something worthy of your review.

This blog is real life and we all know how harried it can be. Having said that, I'm off to clean up the bag of cornmeal that exploded on the floor. Hopefully I can get Super Hunk to scoot me around the kitchen, two-step style, before I whip out the dust pan!

Goodnight, friends.

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