Friday, April 11

Thank You Thursday

************** WINNER **************
Terri Phillips Montague
Yippee! This is ironic because she's the thank you note QUEEN! Congrats!
(I have your contact info and will get your cards to you ASAP!)
Thank you to all of you who participated, make sure and register for today's giveaway here.
Today is my second favorite day of the week, next to Sunday. I spring out of bed a little faster on Thank You Thursday, knowing there's notes to write...I need help!

I started Thank You Thursday a while back with the purpose of reminding people to take a moment to express their gratitude. I also feel strongly about preserving the written word, I wrote about why it's important to me in my The Reason I Write Letters post (in case you missed it, you can read it here).

In this electronic media age, letters seem antiquated. Emails...texts...tweets, these are preferred modes of communication. While I recognize their usefulness, there's something so heart-warming about a handwritten note peeking from behind an electric bill. See what I mean? Just the thought makes my heart happy!

Because it's Thank You Thursday, because I love pretty stationery, and because I love you, I'm giving away an EXCLUSIVE! Here we go...

Charli Gause is the beautifully creative mind behind HELLO, FRENCHIE. We worked together many...many moons (and a few Jupiters) ago. Her design talents know no limits, can you tell I'm a fan?

She has designed an EXCLUSIVE thank you card, just for us! Yippee! The winner will receive a set of 15 cards (printed front and back as seen below) and envelopes. If you win, will you send me one because I adore it? Did it just awkwardly invite myself to be thanked? Weird!

Drum roll...tadaaaaaa!

I know, right? So charming!

Today, we are mixing things up a bit. This will be a Facebook giveaway ONLY! However, I will never leave a note writer behind! If you don't have a Facebook account (Mom), please comment below.

To enter, you must Like our Facebook page and comment on this post with a tag to a person you'd like to thank. For example, "@Sarah, thank you for never telling me I talk too much!" Understand? Winner will be selected tomorrow evening.

Okay, ready, set, go!

For more HELLO, FRENCHIE designs, visit her Etsy store or Facebook page.

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