Wednesday, April 9

"Oompa"', the Blueberry Bush

Super Hunk and I thoroughly enjoy gardening. This is our fourth year and we have more plants than ever. The first two years were a huge learning curve. With only a few casualties, and enough tomatoes to feed the neighborhood, we were hooked!

Last year required more labor and research as we built raised beds and added more plants. It makes me proud to know the ingredients I'm using are a product of our hard work (and it makes me feel "pioneerish" to head out with my scissors and chop down some dinner).

As our little plantettes grow big and strong, I'll post occasionally so you can follow along. Here's a peek of them today, reaching for the sky!
(Onions & Spinach)

(Various Greens, Arugula, Green Leaf Lettuce...and more Onions, oh the Onions.)

(Sugar Snap Peas, Super Hunk's favorite.)

And here's my little friend, "Oompa" the Blueberry Bush. In the growing season, we plant most everything we buy in the winter months. Little Man is a blueberry fanatic! In his world, the streets in Heaven will be paved with blueberries.

Oompa (I selected the name for obvious Willy Wonka reasons) is new to our gang, I bought him as a sad little stick with one pitiful little bloom. It was more of a sympathy purchase, it looked up at me with those little budding eyes as if to say "If you'll take me home, I promise to grow big and strong!" Tell me, who could say "no" to that? Also tell me, who talks to plants?

(Oompa, 1st week)

(Oompa, 2nd week)

(Oompa, 3rd week)

As you can see, he's living up to his promise. Never underestimate a Wal-Mart plant's will to live...I wouldn't want to die there either! I'll keep you posted on his progress, so yummy!

(PS. This is what "NO, don't pull up those plants" and overdue for a nap looks like. Eeeek!

Have a great day, friends. I'm off to locate a paci and teddy bear!

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  1. Yay!! My blueberry bush did the same thing. Last year was the best I'm super excited about my grapevines coming in so well this year.


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