Monday, April 7

People with OCD, spell it CDO!

Our little Texas town is soggy today! Yesterday was a full day of rain, drizzle, rain, drizzle, repeat...and we are so very thankful!

Little Man even enjoyed the moisture, it gave him an excuse to wear his frog rain coat. Ribbit. With no sign of the skies clearing, he headed out to become one with the mud puddles! Ribbit.

His adventure lasted all of 20 minutes and back inside he came, wet from head to toe. So thankful for that rain coat...why didn't I think of rain pants? Oh well, this is life with boys.

(I'll post the puddle photo journal tomorrow.)

With a dry change of clothes (#3 for the day), I dug into my "rainy day activities" bin and a race track in the kitchen was born!

Who knew electric tape, boxes, and a sharpie could be so much fun?

Here's the OCD...uh hum, CDO...part (because people with true OCD can't stand for the letters to be out of order). Do you see it? Is it just me that has the twitch? I know, I'm crazy...batty...nuts...but does it bother you too?

Okay, for those of you who live carefree lives without color coded closets, I aspire to be like you! I was in such a frenzy to occupy my toddler with a severe case of cabin fever I didn't even notice I cut the boxes upside down (and sideways).

I'm sharing this because I know I'm not alone, there are others out there. Moms who organize bookshelves according to book height, who make sure socks are turned right side in before turning inside out, who arrange cans in the pantry based on category, and separate accessories by degree of "sparkle".

Let us unite! May we make the world a better place, one label at a time. (Support Group time and location to be announced!)

PS. Maybe the fact I didn't immediately notice the boxes were upside down (and sideways) means I'm not clinically OCD! You think? There's hope.

Happy Monday, friends!


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    1. I know you're talking about my amazing race track skills! Right? Hehe!

  2. crack me up!!!


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