Tuesday, March 18

For sensory's sake!

Little Man is our only child so we were new to the parenting scene when our bundle arrived. Looking back, we had no idea what we were doing but utterly determined to figure it out! My experience with babies was minimal, especially in charge of growth and development. It was "sink or swim" for this Mom (President of the Old Parents Club).

With much due diligence and a rapidly developing toddler, I became the "let's try this" Mommy. For sensory's sake, something has to capture his attention for more than 2.7 seconds...I just haven't found it yet.

Our first success, with an overflowing toy box, was old school pots and pans. Who knew? He was a certified one man band! Many attempts to insert head in pot followed.

Yes, we too had the walker stage. The music and switches were hours of fun but spinning the wheels was the most fascinating. This was the first time I noticed his interest in how things operate, their "mechanism of action". (The walker was recently retired, may it rest in peace.)

Super Hunk's bike (err, bicycles) remains one of his beloved gadgets. Pedals, brakes, greasy chain (YAY!)...he loves it all. Did I mention the greasy chain?

This photo has nothing to do with his sensory development but it makes me giggle...and giggle...poor Dall! 

Light shows, I highly recommend them. Fun for the whole family's senses...except for sight, I may or may not have fallen off the bed!

This is his affection for latches and knobs. It's similar to my affection for chocolate and hoodies!

Super Hunk and I wanted to nurture his new infatuation so we began the McEwen Sensory Board Scavenger Hunt. Qualifying items included anything that clicked, latched, turned, or snapped. Things with knobs, hinges, springs or bulbs. I believe the people at Lowe's thought Super Hunk and I were heavily medicated. It was like a crazy episode of Supermarket Sweep! 

We had loads of fun assembling it and he's crazy, mad, nuts about it! Mission accomplished!

Sensory development is vastly important for our little people. It can also be fun for you, the parent, as well! Take time, be creative and get involved in their discoveries. They're only this small for a moment, let's make it matter!

(Sensory board includes light switches, combination lock, push light, door chain, tape measure, gate latch, hooks, mailbox flag, and a bunch of other random items. Of course, I painted it to match his room!)

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  1. Such a cute idea! I am still wearing samples of your creativity! Miss you sweet one!



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