Thursday, February 4


If you look up my name in the dictionary, you'll find a disheveled face and the following brief description appearing underneath..."A once lovely lady who went batty, bonkers, cuckoo...covered in a thin layer of construction dust."

When we purchased our fixer upper, I knew the dust-free life I had grown accustomed to was about to change but I had no idea I'd be walking around with it in my hair for the next six months.

Our little slice of heaven is beginning to take shape (sigh of relief) but not without scrambling my brain in the process. Between normal life and the hordes of workmen, my blogging has been spasmodic at best (that's my new favorite word, by the way).


With every intention of posting a delicious recipe (Cheesy Burger Sliders, Valentine's Meat Lover's Pizza, Homemade Cookies & Cream Ice Cream to name a few), all I can think is to share why my brain has been a real life Inside Out portrayal.

Last week alone was Crazytown, USA around here.


New windows with men working at breakneck speeds. More like hypersonic. Two full days and I never saw them eat...maybe I need to take up hoisting hefty objects over my head all day.

It makes me hungry just thinking about it. (Cheesy Burger Slider, anyone?)

Introducing, the new roof. All I can say, it takes serious cat-like reflexes to maneuver around an angle this steep.

I think I actually saw one worker fall and land on his feet. (Ice Cream, anyone?)


New solar panels finished out the week of pandemonium. Again, these boys have skills. I'd be face down on the ground in two seconds flat. (Pizza, anyone?)

What? Producing energy makes me hungry.

Even with all the hustle and bustle, I've thought of you often. Thank you for sticking with me through life's topsy-turviness.

I hope to post regularly again soon.

I hope to not dust the same surface three times again soon.

I hope to have uninterrupted morning coffee again soon.

Until then, check on me occasionally...I might be trapped under a ladder...hungry.


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