Thursday, January 21

Cowboy Puppet to the Rescue!

Dr. Seuss once said "You're never too old, too wacky, too open a book and read to a child."
Around here, wacky and wild are always in the air.
Even when it comes to reading.
From the start, it's been important to us that Little Man become a lover of books. We frequent our local library (where the concept of whispering is still completely us both) and this particular day, he selected a book called Cowboy Small. Inspiration alert!
Here's where the curtain rises on our Cowboy Puppet (as seen below). If a book is lengthy and exceeds ten pages, I completely lose my beloved boy's attention on page 11. Squirrel!
With (2) paper lunch sacks, (2) mustaches, (2) yellow stars (slightly deformed), (2) cowboy hats, (4) squares cut like a vest, and (4) google eyes, we were ready to craft our very own Cowboy Small(when boys refuse to sit still, us Moms will craft to extreme lengths).
A little glue here and there transformed our menagerie of goods into a wild west masterpiece (to a three-year-old at least).
Today, Cowboy Puppet took the stage and did the storytelling. Much to my delight (and complete surprise) Little Man stay hooked for all 45 pages. Yeeeehaaww!
Parenting is about small victories and today, I was triumphant. Tomorrow is a different story.
Happy Trails and may your child be filled with focus!

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