Wednesday, January 6

2015 Year in Review

Last week was full of "Most Popular Events of 2015". The news recapped historical events, tabloids hit the highlights of top celebrity scandals, and I did what I always do...wrote about it!

You see, in the midst of life's chaos, one thing at our house always remains...sharing. From a helpful DIY to my most favorite comfort food, we shared it all last year.

Here's ten of 2015's most popular posts, in case you missed them the first time or simply need a sweet reminder.

In no particular order...

#1 ~ Starting things off with a BANG, July's Ambush Blog Makeover post! According to the page views, you guys were as excited to see the "new & improved look" of S&S almost as much as I was to unveil it! What will happen in 2016? Stay tuned...

#2 ~ As always, this is an S&S favorite. Originally debuting in 2014 and reposted in 2015 (by popular demand), the blue ribbon winner for "Most Popular Post Infinity"! Baked Oatmeal

#3 ~ In 2015, I added a few elite Guest Contributors from various areas of interest. Our Delightful DIY Contributor, Leigh, has been a very popular addition to the S&S red carpet. Her Personalized Door DIY post was loved by many!

#4 ~ Many milestones occurred last year and none more heart-wrenching than the loss of our sweet Old Man. The popularity of this post shows your support of S&S and sincere love of life's four-legged friends. (PS. I miss his drool!) You're Never Prepared for Goodbye

#5 ~ I'm still uncertain if the popularity of this post was due to the food or the tribute to Mother's Day and the spectacular women who have sacrificed so much to make us fabulous. Either way, it's one of my favorites too! Mother's Day Brunch

#6 ~ I wondered if the title of this post would create a bit more buzz than normal. It turns are super excited about gestation (as am I)...bovines or otherwise! Congratulations, You're Expecting!

#7 ~ This soup is the fairest of them all. It's no wonder it was the most popular of 2015. Yum, yum, give me some! Lasagna Soup

 #8 ~ There was more feedback regarding this DIY than any other. Maybe it's the simplicity, the versatility of design, or the complete cuteness...either way, you LOVED IT (but you already knew that)! Crayon Sandpaper Shirt

#9 ~ The final DIY that had you talking were these sophisticated stripes. Super Hunk and I braved a new frontier with these cuties and had a blast doing it! You should tackle them this year, your space will thank you. Simple Stripes

#10 ~ Last, but definitely not least, you enthusiastically joined me in getting to know our new S&S family members. These four ladies have made this blog a MUCH BETTER place by sacrificing valuable time to share their tips and techniques as Guest Contributors. (Our beloved baker, Jessica, is seen below but click on the link to see all of their beautiful faces.) Getting To Know Our Guest Contributors

2015 was a wild ride! I learned more about what works, what pretty much flops, and all things in between. Thank you for your loyal support and I look forward to a fantastically fabulous 2016!

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