Monday, September 28

USA Rowing Team Honorary Member

More catching up since my unfortunate internet interruption, I WENT KAYAKING!

Stop laughing, I'm serious!

Kayaking was item #42 (or something like that) on my bucket list of life. Granted, when I scribbled it down, I envisioned a raging river in a beautiful mountainous landscape with a retired Olympic Rowing Guide and Super Hunk cheering me on from the river bank.

A few things wrong with this scenario...

#1 - I usually refrain from any activities that include the word "raging".

#2 - A beautiful mountainous landscape calls for coffee on the porch, not overexertion in a Barbie-sized boat.

#3 - There would certainly be a few logistical issues with me AND my retired Olympic Rowing Guide fitting in the same kayak.

#4 - Super Hunk never...under any circumstances..."cheers".

So when my gal pal mentioned she and her super hunky man just purchased new kayaks (and we were temporarily living on the lake), I proceeded to do the "Oh, pick me...pick me" dance. (Thank you, super hunky Bennie for trusting me not to capsize your new man toy.)

Two gals, one with very little experience and the other with NONE and completely unreal expectations, were about to set out to conquer the waters.
Gal Pal, Jess had the enchanting butterfly paddle and I was lucky enough to use the man fish paddle. At one point, I may or may not have mistook it for a huge fish in the water. I'll never tell. 
Yes, Gal Pal Jess looks that relaxed AND adorable all the time! Tipping her boat over crossed my mind but I like her friendship so she stayed dry. :-)

In hindsight, the still waters (resembling glass) were much more tranquil than the raging river mentioned above. It also would've made the "chat break" we took at the halfway point a bit more difficult!

We went, we saw, we burned a honey bun's worth of calories, and returned to a pretty fun greeting crew. Super Hunk later admitted he was a little surprised I endured without whacking myself with the paddle.

I never told him about the bruise on my ankle.

Shhhhhhh...what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

When the Barbie-sized boats were loaded, I hugged Gal Pal Jess goodbye, satisfyingly marked #42 (or something like that) off my list, and didn't lift my arms above my head for a week.

All in all, I think the USA Rowing Team would be proud to have me as an Honorary Member...cheering from the river bank!

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