Wednesday, July 29

Moving: Husbands & Wives

We are currently in the process of moving. Our sweet little casa is the size of a postage stamp and we have officially outgrown it. The quaint spaces were perfect for Super Hunk and I but when Little Man came along, we suddenly felt cramped.
Then Little Man grew...and grew. His belongings also grew...and grew. We suddenly went from cramped to smothered.
Thus, the move to a larger spot...for our larger possessions.
In the throws of loading, lifting, and shifting, the differences between men and women become glaringly obvious.
If you've ever moved with your spouse (or your parents), this is dedicated to you...the survivors! :-)
Large open spaces -
Men: "Let's fill it.
Women: "How can I strategically fit all of this in here, stacked according to dimension, weight, and rank of importance?"
Moving furniture -
Men: "Lift, carry, lower."
Women: "Let's talk about how we're going to do this first so I know the exact plan."
Carrying furniture -
Men: "PIVOT!"
Women: "How? Where? Your left or mine? Upside down or right side up? I NEED MORE DETAILS!"
Boxes -
Men: "Small, medium, large."
Women: "Great linen box, excellent dish box, and perfect odds & ends box. Where's my sharpie so I can label it accordingly?"
Men: "It's been a good house."
Women: "My baby took his first steps in this kitchen...we celebrated our anniversary on that new car spent its first night in that garrraaaagggggeeeee...booooooo hooooooo."
Men: "Kids, Mommy needs a hug!"
No matter how you do it or how well you communicate, truth is...someone is bound to crumble. Last night, it was me.
Overwhelmed (for a brief moment) with the memories our little postage stamp of a house holds, I sniveled (for a brief moment). Super Hunk passed by with a consoling pat on the back and sent in Little Man to give me a he kept packing.
Men are judgment here.
When it's all said and done, you high-five (occasionally to the face...just kidding), sit back and know you've closed yet another chapter together. God made us different but oh the things we can accomplish!
Memories made.
Tears shed.
Movin' on.............and we survived............Mr. & Mrs.!

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