Monday, April 20

Mommy Expectations

Brace yourself for another one of my "mommy confessions"...
Part A: I used to be a super-duper-over-the-top-obsessive-compulsive-planner.
Yep, you heard it here first (for some of you, I'm just confirming your long time suspicions).
Then, I became a mother.
What used to be strategically scheduled days with commitments and appointments has turned into 90% fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and 10% "hurry up, leave your shoes on, we're running late".
Initially, this left me flustered. The part of me so used to things turning out the way I had planned, quickly developed a twitch.
Holidays are no different. My Norman Rockwell expectations usually more closely resembled The Griswolds with the deflated turkey and a crazy squirrel in the tree.
Part B: I've since...CHILLED!
The following photos are proof.  With egg hunting on our list of Easter festivities, the search for an adorable basket was on! After a few stops, I finally found one I knew Little Man would like...let the photo op begin!
After a few eggs were collected, this is what I saw.

You guessed it, Daddy's work boots (cow crap and all) were his receptacle of choice. The old me would've instructed him to keep the eggs in his adorable basket, which was carefully selected by his loving mother. But the "chilled" me, sat back and snapped a few pics.

While this never would've crossed my mind as a possibility, it made for a pretty fun moment...caught on film.

I've realized that attempting to control every situation based on my expectations is exhausting. Letting the moment happen and watching my son discover the world his way is much more fun (even if it's covered in manure).

Let's chill, forget about the details, and just be present!

Anyone need a gently used Easter basket?

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