Friday, March 27

Diaper Dollars

It's official...Little Man is potty-trained (well before his third birthday)!

Woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!

I'm jumping for joy...ouch, ouch, ouch, I'm too old for that...or should I say, I'm squealing for joy!

Before you give me a great big pat on the back...

You must know...

It has nothing to do with my Superstar Ninja Mom skills.

It does, however, have EVERYTHING to do with the fact that my two-year-old is the size of a husky four-year-old and was busting out of a size 6!

You heard me, we ran out of tunnel and were staring straight at the light!

The next step was adult Depends and, well, let's just say I'm failing as a Mom in lots of areas but I refuse to be blamed for that therapy session in thirty years.

So...back to the squealing.

Life is good. No more child wrestling, no more "what's that smell", and best of all, no more diaper dollars!

I feel so RICH! What to do with all this saved moola?

Since we are a budget family, I've decided to reallocate my diaper dollars to a FUN FUND. Each week, Little Man and I will set out on a new adventure.

He'll be in school before I know it so I'm determined to take advantage of every carefree day together. Since we live in Nowhereland, some planning (and driving) will be required. Where should we go? What should we do!

I can't wait to see where our dollars will take us (diapers are really expensive).

Stay tuned, I'll be sure to share.

(What fun things do you have planned for your kiddos this summer?)


  1. Ft worth children's museum, Dallas Zoo, Dallas Aquarium, and the Perot Museum of Science (if you make that trip in the summer Klyde Warren Park has the neat little water founts for kids and a fun water play area. And FOOD trucks for culinary adventure!)

    1. Oh, I should add that the Dallas Museum of Modern Art is FREE, has an awesome kids area and a craft area and is directly across from Klyde Warren fun!


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